I'm Geoff Lane and I write Zorched.net as I figure things out about software development in the hopes that it can help other people facing similar situations. Also as a thanks to the larger web community for all of the information and knowledge that they have shared. I've been a professional software developer since 1999 working with a variety of different technologies. I've worked for startups in the Silicon Valley and Chicago, IL and a consulting firm in Milwaukee, WI. Now I work as a consultant in Cincinnati, OH building custom software for clients.


Software designer and developer, polyglot, metaprogrammer, defender of Agile practices, writer of Unit Tests, practitioner of refactoring.

  • Fluent: Ruby, Java, C#, Groovy
  • Conversational: JavaScript, Scala, Go, bash
  • Familiar: Scheme, Haskell, Clojure, Objective-C (Cocoa), C, C++, Erlang

I'm interested in a lot of different things I guess — OO, Functional, Dynamically Typed and Statically Typed Languages. I like proven technologies but keep up with new ones too. Mostly I like to know when it's appropriate to use any technology. I prefer Unixy systems like Mac OS X and Linux. I prefer Elixir over Ruby, Ruby over Scala over Java (and everything else over .NET), but I know and have used all of the above. I use Vim because it's awesome.

Personal (but not too Personal)

Moved to Cincinnati, OH from Milwaukee, WI and lived in Chicago, IL prior to that. I live with my wife, son, and two cats. Prior to Chicago did a stint in the Silicon Valley during the tail end of the .COM boom. I have lived in Ohio (twice), Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas, Virginia, and California (twice). Love metal (Darkest Hour, Lamb of God, Shadows Fall, Three Inches of Blood, The Black Dahlia Murder, Arsis) and I especially love Swedish Metal (The Haunted, In Flames, At The Gates, Dark Tranquility, Amon Amarth). But I like other music too: Johnny Cash, John Coltrane, Bob Dylan. I grow a small garden so I have useable skills after the zombie apocalypse. I enjoy traveling — I've been to twelve foreign countries and hope to visit more.

Contact Me

[email protected]