Check Multiple Mercurial Repositories for Incoming Changes

August 26, 2011 - 2 minute read -
version-control Automation hg bash

Currently I have a whole bunch of Mercurial repositories in a directory. All of these are cloned from a central repository that the team pushes their changes to. I like to generally keep my local repositories up-to-date so that I can review changes. Manually running hg incoming -R some_directory on 20 different projects is a lot of work. So I automated it with a simple shell script.

This script will run incoming (or outgoing) on all of the local repositories and print the results to the console. Then I can manually sync the ones that have changed if I want.

I called this file and run it like: ./ incoming

<p># Find all the directories that are mercurial repos
dirs=(`find . -name ".hg"`)
# Remove the /.hg from the path and that's the base repo dir
merc_dirs=( "${dirs[@]//\/.hg/}" )</p>
<p>case $1 in
    for indir in ${merc_dirs[@]}; do
        echo "Checking: ${indir}"
        hg -R "$indir" incoming
    for outdir in ${merc_dirs[@]}; do
        echo "Checking: ${outdir}"
        hg -R "$outdir" outgoing
    echo "Usage: [incoming|outgoing]"

I guess the next major improvement would be to capture the output and then automatically sync the ones that have changed, but I haven't gotten around to that yet.